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‘Balconing’ is a serious issue affecting Magaluf, recently an 18-year-old Irish girl faces a fine from the City Council of Calvià, between 600 and 1,500 euros, for ‘balconing’ in a hotel in Magaluf. Last Tuesday the girl was jumping from one balcony to another, even though she was warned of the serious danger. The tourist […]

Monday was the first day for owners to set in motion the process for obtaining licences for new holiday rentals. The moratorium on new licences, which was brought in last summer, was lifted because of the Council of Majorca’s approval of rentals zoning on Friday last week and its initial approval of its PIAT plan […]

If you are getting ready to go on holiday to another EU country or Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland, you are likely to be packing your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) along with your passport. The EHIC entitles you to state-provided medical treatment should you need it while visiting one of those countries. The UK […]

The longest eclipse of the 21st Century Today (July 27th), after sunset, a total eclipse of the Moon will be visible from all over Spain. Our satellite will be shown dyed a deep red. The phase of totality, or Blood Moon, will last 103 minutes: it is the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century. The […]

“SHARING THE MAGIC MOMENTS OF YOUR LIFE” Bo Bom is fast establishing itself as the premier artisan gelato producer in Palma, based at its state of the art laboratory where their gelato is made every day from fresh ingredients with expertise and love. Bo Bom is also successfully offering their clientele the possibility of enjoying […]

BCM Planet Dance is back this summer to celebrate their 30th year. This is huge news for the island of Mallorca where clubbers and holiday-makers come especially to the island for the club’s season of events. The line-up has finally been announced for the start of the summer and includes the likes of Danny Howard’s Nothing Else […]

Living in Spain allows all residents from the UK and other European countries access to Spain’s public health system on a reciprocal agreement between Spain and their home country. This agreement covers everybody living in Spain including pensioners or people that do not work and contribute to the Social Security. But what will happen in […]

  Real Estates United provides you with a search program where you can contact like-minded agents who are pre-agreed and willing to collaborate with other professional agents rather than lose the clients or properties. Our search facility gives you the opportunity to directly contact other professional realtors and send out multi search emails to various agents […]

OUR GOAL IS TO WOW YOU WITH EVERY SERVICE! Imagine coming home from a long day and your laundry is all done, your bed has been turned down and there are fresh flowers awaiting you. That’s the extra pampering we offer that sets us apart from all the rest. We believe maintenance & cleaning, could […]

MEGAN and MEIS, mother and son, were rescued 2 weeks ago. They came from a horrible shelter in Galicia and need some help which came in many different forms and Air Europa even flew them for free. Both now urgently need a new home  as the shelter is totally at capacity. They can be seperated, […]

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